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Colchis Ivy 'Dentata'
Colchis Ivy 'Dentata'
Colchis Ivy 'Dentata'
Colchis Ivy 'Dentata'
Colchis Ivy 'Dentata'
Colchis Ivy 'Dentata'

Colchis Ivy 'Dentata'

Latin name: Hedera colchica 'Dentata'
English name: Colchis Ivy 'Dentata'
Flowering month: IX-XI
Evergreen plant: Yes
Density on 1 m2:
Annual growth: 1-2 m
Aspect: do
Frost hardiness: Zones 7 - 10

A striking, strong-growing ivy variety of exceptionally large leaves but moderate frost hardiness. Selected before 1870 by J. F. Ruprecht in the native site in Caucasus. The leaves are 15-20 cm long, varying from ovate to cordate, non-lobed, irregularly dentate, evergreen, leathery, lustreless, light green in spring, they darken in summer. It clings to supports by means of aerial roots, climbing over walls. It reaches 7 m height, gaining 1-2 m a year. This variety can freeze during harsher winters. It should be placed in sheltered locations, in a mild climate e.g. West and North-West of Poland. It thrives in semi-shade, tolerates average soil and temporary draughts. Particularly useful as groundcover but it can also be trained over walls or tree trunks.


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