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中文(简体) Plant name:
Clematis 'Ryuan'
Clematis 'Ryuan'
Clematis 'Ryuan'
Clematis 'Ryuan'
Clematis 'Ryuan'
Clematis 'Ryuan'
Clematis 'Ryuan'
Clematis 'Ryuan'

Integrifolia Group

Clematis 'Ryuan'

Latin name: Clematis 'Ryuan'
English name: Clematis 'Ryuan'
Flowers colour: purple-dark blue
Plants height: 1,7 m
Flowers size: Medium
Flowering month: VI-IX
Aspect: S , W , E
Pruning way: 3 (hard)
Frost hardiness: Zones 6 - 9

An interesting Japanese cultivar of purple-dark blue velvety flowers 10 cm in diameter, consisting of 4 narrow, eliptic sepals and dark violet anthers on light violet filaments. Flowers borne from mid-June till September. Leaves single or trifoliate, often irregularly dented. Shoots don't climb over supports but can lean on them. Plant reaches 1.7 m height. Scrambles over ground when left without supports.

Particularly useful when growing around other plants or tied along supports. It requires well-drained soil and sunny sites.


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