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中文(简体) Plant name:
Clematis 'Fay'
Clematis 'Fay'
Clematis 'Fay'
Clematis 'Fay'
Clematis 'Fay'
Clematis 'Fay'
Clematis 'Fay'
Clematis 'Fay'

Viticella Group

Clematis 'Fay'

Latin name: Clematis 'Fay'
English name: Clematis 'Fay'
Flowers colour: light pink
Plants height: 2 m
Flowers size: Small
Flowering month: VI-X
Aspect: S , W , E
Pruning way: 3 (hard)
Frost hardiness: Zones 5 - 9

Exceptionally free flowering, fetching cultivar of bell-shaped, nodding flowers 2-3 cm in diameter consisting of 4 light pink sepals with lighter margins and strongly curling tips. On the outside sepals are slightly ribbed and on the inside are creamy-pink with pink veins. Stamens consist of yellow anthers on white filaments. Flowers borne on this year's wood for a long period  - from mid-June till the end of October. Leaves consist of 3-5 eliptic or ovate leaflets. New shoots are light green and old ones are brown. Plant reaches 2 m height. Climbs by leaf petioles.

According to the international register it belongs to Viticella group but it looks very much like Clematis crispa of Viorna Group. It is frost hardy, tolerates average, well drained soil. Prefers sunny sites. Looks particularly attractive when intermingled with small deciduous or coniferous shrubs. It is worth planting along garden paths to allow a close view of its elaborate small flowers. Suitable for container cultivation.


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