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Clematis 'Rasputin'
Clematis 'Rasputin'
Clematis 'Rasputin'
Clematis 'Rasputin'

Late Large-flowered Group

Clematis 'Rasputin'

Latin name: Clematis 'Rasputin'
English name: Clematis 'Rasputin'
Flowers colour: dark purple violet
Plants height: 2-3 m
Flowers size: Medium
Flowering month: VI-IX
Aspect: S , W , E , N
Pruning way: 3 (hard)
Frost hardiness: Zones 4 - 9

Very dark flowers, 8-12 cm across, with 6 wavy-edged tepals that are purple violet above and grey violet beneath. Purple anthers on light green filaments. Flowers appear from June to September. It grows 2-3 m high and attaches itself to the support with leaf tendrils. Useful for growing on trellises, poles and other garden supports. It can climb up natural supports, e.g. deciduous and coniferous bushes or dwarf shrubs. Looks spectacular grown against a light background. Good for container growing.


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