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Clematis 'Oberek'
Clematis 'Oberek'
Clematis 'Oberek'
Clematis 'Oberek'
Clematis 'Oberek'
Clematis 'Oberek'

Viticella Group

Clematis 'Oberek'

Latin name: Clematis 'Oberek'
English name: Clematis 'Oberek'
Flowers colour: pink
Plants height: 2,5-4 m
Flowers size: Small
Flowering month: VI-IX
Aspect: S , W , E , N
Pruning way: 3 (hard)
Frost hardiness: Zones 4 - 9

The latest Polish cultivar bred by Szczepan Marczyński with pale pink open flowers of 5-6 cm across, composed of 4 rhomboid loosely arranged tepals with pink veining, light base and wavy edges. Yellow anthers on pale yellow-green filaments. It flowers profusely from June to August. It attains the height of 2,5-4 m and attaches itself to the support by means of twining leaf petioles. Useful for growing on fences, arbours, pergolas and various garden supports such as trellises, poles in a sunny warm spot. It looks charming climbing up small trees and shrubs, both deciduous and coniferous. It gives a spectacular display against a darker background.


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