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Dwarf Periwinkle
Dwarf Periwinkle
Dwarf Periwinkle

Dwarf Periwinkle

Latin name: Vinca minor
English name: Dwarf Periwinkle
DECORATION FORM: leaves, blue flowers (IV-IX)
Flowers colour: blue
Flowering month: IV-IX
Evergreen plant: Yes
Density on 1 m2: 10
Annual growth: 0,5 m
Aspect: do
Frost hardiness: Zone 5

An evergreen dwarf shrub that spreads over the ground forming a dense mat. Small, 3 cm across, deep green leaves. Stems grow between 30 and 80 cm annually. It bears attractive flowers that vary in colour: blue in the species and blue, purple and white in the cultivars. It’s best grown in partial shade or shade and in moderately moist soil. Plant 10 plants per square meter. Sufficiently frost-hardy.


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