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Clematis 'Solina'
Clematis 'Solina'
Clematis 'Solina'
Clematis 'Solina'
Clematis 'Solina'
Clematis 'Solina'
Clematis 'Solina'

Late Large-flowered Group

Clematis 'Solina'

Latin name: Clematis 'Solina'
English name: Clematis 'Solina'
Flowers colour: mauve-pink
Plants height: 2,5-3,5 m
Flowers size: Medium
Flowering month: VI-VIII
Aspect: S , W , E
Pruning way: 3 (hard)
Frost hardiness: Zones 4 - 9

A polish cultivar from the Viticella Group – a hardy, undemanding and free-flowering vine. Lilac-rose flowers with a paler stripe along the middle of the sepals and pale yellow stamens. Tolerates moderate soils. Hard pruning needed. Makes a good screening plant, excellent for growing over fences, arbors, pergolas and various kinds of garden supports. It can be successfully grown both in public places and all types of gardens, even those given less attention.


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