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Wine Grape 'Léon Millot'
Wine Grape 'Léon Millot'
Wine Grape 'Léon Millot'
Wine Grape 'Léon Millot'

Wine Grape 'Léon Millot'

Latin name: Vitis 'Léon Millot'
English name: Wine Grape 'Léon Millot'
DECORATION FORM: leaves, fruits
Evergreen plant: No
Density on 1 m2: 1
Annual growth: 1-2 m
Aspect: do
Frost hardiness: Zones 5 - 9

Robust, hardy, strong-growing and plentiful cultivar. Its fruit are excellent for making wine. 

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Fruit small, round, dark blue; ripening in mid-September. Recommended especially for homemade wine. Bunches are small or medium-sized. Leaves of medium size, dark green, turn beautiful yellow colour in autumn. Flowers unassuming, yellow, open in June.

HOW IT GROWS: A climber using tendrils for support. Moderate growth-strength at 2 m a year.

WHERE TO PLANT: A sunny and warm site required. Soil should be humus-rich, fertile, moderately moist of neutral or slightly acidic Ph. Totally hardy (zone 5–9).

HOW TO PLANT AND MAINTAIN: Before planting immerse the plant container in water for 10-30 min.  Place the root ball in a 40 x 40 x 40 cm hole with a 10 cm layer of well-rotten manure or compost, 0.5-1 cm deeper than it was before. Fill the hole with fertile soil. The plants should be spaced at least 30 cm from other plants or from a wall. Prune moderately. To encourage high quality yield, the yearly pruning should be performed (usually in winter, around the second half of February). Frost insulation recommended for ground-grown plants.

HOW TO APPLY: Suitable for amateur cultivation, recommended for training over large garden structures such as arbours and pergolas.

ORIGIN: France.


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