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Rubus 'Buckingham Tayberry'
Rubus 'Buckingham Tayberry'

Rubus 'Buckingham Tayberry'

Latin name: Rubus 'Buckingham Tayberry'
English name: Rubus 'Buckingham Tayberry'
Flowering month: VI
Evergreen plant: No
Density on 1 m2: 1
Annual growth: 0,5 m
Aspect: do
Frost hardiness: Zones 6 - 8

An unusual shrub, raised as a crossing between raspberry and blackberry, of large, juicy, delicious fruit and thornless stems. Undemanding and easy in maintenance. Perfect for house gardens and leisure areas.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Fruit edible and nutritious, rather large, 4 cm long, Purple-red, juicy and tasty; ripening from mid-VII till the end of VIII on previous-year shoots. Decorative white flowers open in VI. Leaves large, dark green.

HOW IT GROWS: Upright, thornless shoots 1.5-2 m long; fast-growing.

WHERE TO PLANT: Yields fruit best in sunny, warm sites. A tolerant plant – grows in average, well-drained soil of slightly acidic Ph. Hardy (zone 6–8).

HOW TO PLANT AND MAINTAIN: Before planting immerse the plant container in water for 10-30 min.  Place the root ball in a 40 x 40 x 40 cm hole with a 10 cm layer of well-rotten manure or compost, 0.5-1 cm deeper than it was before. Fill the hole with fertile soil. Frost insulation required.  In late autumn or early winter the 2-year fruiting shoots should be cut back. Throughout the year, the growing shoots should be tied to a support.

HOW TO APPLY: Due to its valuable fruit, the shrub is recommended for amateur cultivation in house gardens and allotments etc.

ORIGIN: Great Britain. Raised by Derek L. Jennings. Introduced in the market by Medway Fruits.


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